Make Your Fence A Great First Impression

27 May 2014
First impressions go a long way, and you only get one chance to do it right.

Whether you’re planning to sell your house or live in it for decades to come, a great fence is paramount to keeping your home’s property value up. When you go through a neighborhood full of homes with great fences, that makes a big difference as to how the market appraises each home’s value. The same can be said for neighborhoods with poor fences. Magnolia Fence & Patio creates beautiful fences of all kinds — white picket fences, stained privacy fences, capped fences and more.

Make your first impression a great impression with Magnolia Fence & Patio!

Soundproof Fences

14 May 2014
One positive that comes from adding a fence to your property is noise reduction.  Living on or near a busy street can be difficult for conversations, not to mention sleep.  Did you know that an 8 foot fence can reduce noise levels by 6 to 10 decibels?  There are even special fences known as acoustifences, that are used along highways and transit lines to reduce sound.  These fences can now be found for residential use and have been proven to reduce noise by 60 to 85 percent!  So whether you invest in an acoustifence or a normal privacy fence, your ears can rest assured the noise level will go down.