How long does it take to get on schedule and have my fence built?

Since we don’t contract out our fences we are able to build our own schedules.  With all fences we have to call Dig Tess to locate any under ground utilities.  The will take 3-5 days from when we receive your deposit.  After that we can get started within a week.  We can build between 150-250 feet of fence in two days depending on its style.  If you have damage to your fence causing a security issue or your pets are getting out we can always make other arrangements to get over their quicker.

Who is responsible for the permit if one is required?

Magnolia Fence & Patio will handle the permit process from beginning to end.  In most cities they do require a permit.  Don’t be fooled by other contractors that don’t know this.  If you do not have a permit for your fence the city might require you to go through several steps or tear it down.

Who is responsible for locating the property line?

The homeowner is usually responsible if there is not a fence currently in place, but we don’t mind helping you along the way.

Who repairs the sprinklers if damaged?

Although we cannot take responsibility for any damaged sprinklers while installing your fence we can have our licensed irrigator repair any damage done.  Since we also own Mean Green Lawn and Landscape we will coordinate all the repairs without you having to worry about it.  Our reduced hourly rate for all fence customers is why everyone is choosing Magnolia Fence & Patio as their fence builder.  All repairs are $35 per hour.

Should we notify the neighbors?

Yes, they will need to make arrangements for their pets and clear any of their personal belongings from the existing fence line.

Do we need to be home while the fence is being installed?

No, feel free to go about your normal day.  Our team will call you with any updates or questions along the way.  But if you would like to be around we don’t mind at all.

What type of wood is available and what do you recommend?

Cedar and Spruce. We recommend cedar. Find out more (link to Fences – Wood)

What type of posts do you use?

For all corners and gates, we use Schedule 40 post. The height of the fence determines whether we use .095 or Schedule 40 for the other posts.  We only use metal post unless the application requires wood.

Do you use concrete on your posts and how deep is the hole?

Yes, we use 60lbs. of concrete for 6’ fence, 70 lbs. for 7’, and 80 lbs. for 8’. 6’ and 7’ fences have post holes that are 2ft deep; 8’ fences have post holes that are 2.5’ deep.

What type of nails do you use?

We use ring shank, hot-dipped galvanized nails which are rust resistant. The polymer coating reduces staining and streaking by 80% compared to traditional nails.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 7-year warranty on wood fences, and 3-year warranty on gates.  We offer a 10-year warrant on all metal fences.  Call us for all other products.

Why should we choose Magnolia Fence & Patio?

We have been doing this for years.  We will never sub contract any of our fences out and we will always meet your needs the first time.  We love what we do and we take pride in doing.  Here are some pictures of why you need to hire a professional to do your work.  Most of our repairs could have been prevented if the home owner would have hired Magnolia Fence & Patio from the beginning.