Pergolas & Arbors



A great way to spruce up your DFW home is by adding an arbor. Arbors are very inviting and offer a gracious welcome for guests. Arbors come in various sizes and shapes including round, square, triangular, herringbone and many more. Arbors can also feature seats, planter boxes and swings.


In Texas, we need a break from the sun, especially during those long sunny days in the back yard. A custom pergola can add just the right amount of shade to your yard, giving you instant relief from the sun when needed. All of our pergolas are made from pressure treated cedar, which naturally resist moisture, insects and decay. Cedar also has minimal shrinkage, and resists warping, even under the most extreme weather conditions. Pergolas are great for sunny yards, pool decks and can even be constructed to compliment your multi-tiered deck.

All of our arbors and pergolas are custom designed to match your home and landscaping and come with a warranty.

Combine functionality and style to create a custom Utility Enclosure. This is a great way to hide away air conditioning units, water treatment systems, or large trash cans outside of the home. In the bottom photo to the right, a dozen commercial grade air conditioning units were tucked away behind this custom designed utility enclosure.