People always ask why certain fences last longer than others. Most the time the answer is that the fence was stained or treated regularly. Just like paint on a house, stain needs to be touched up and reapplied as well. New or existing fences are no problem when it comes to staining. We have years of experience with both. Magnolia Fence & Patio is one of the only companies around with pre-staining capabilities due to its large facility and available staff. Since we are able to pre-stain your wood you are not limited to a specific color, and you won’t have to wait weeks for your wood to “come in”. Our most popular stain is leatherwood / medium brown.

When applying stain to any fence you need to know that your sprinklers will need to be turned off for a few days.  It takes up to 90 days for the stain to totally absorb and the finished color will be a lighter than when applied.  If you have an existing fence we might need to clean it first.  This might require us to power wash or use a cleaning solution we have perfected over the years.  Please allow 2 days for this process.

Having a new fence installed?  Ask about our pre-stained wood.  Magnolia Fence & Patio has perfected our process to pre-stain both pressure-treated and cedar before installing it.  Although it takes a lot longer to stain the wood at our facility, we believe this is the best method.  You never have to worry about over spray and the mess of staining on site.  The boards are also treated all the way around unlike your traditional staining on site.  You just can’t get every crack and crevice once the fence is up.  Water will find those areas and cause damage over time.

Click here for a full list of our colors we offer.

The below color chart is meant to give you an idea of your options.  To better understand the final look of the stain you choose as us for a sample.