Wood Fences

Wood fences are still the most popular cost efficient choice out there.  With its attractive look and easily customizable options you are able to get what you want with every fence.  Wood fences are easy to repair and treat so you won’t have to always call on a contractor and have costly repairs.  Wood fences have proven the test of time and are still what everyone is wanting.  Privacy fences, capped and trimmed, board on board, custom fences, dog ear, gothic point and shadow box are all great options when considering your next fence.  Here are a few of our most popular options.

Want something different than everyone else?  Ask about horizontal fences, which are popular in the Houston and Austin area. It will only be a little time before your neighbor is getting one too.

Once you have the design you want, you need to pick what wood you would like. When picking out a wood fence you have a few choices.  The most common wood used these days is Western Red Cedar.  Other options are Spruce/Pine and Treated Spruce.  Understanding the difference in quality of the wood and what it has to offer is important.

Western Red Cedar, also known as Cedar, has the highest level of resistance to decay, moisture, insects, warping, splitting and other North Texas elements.  Properly treated cedar can last for decades in our climates and conditions throughout Fort Worth and Dallas areas.  If it’s not for its high quality you can also fall in love with cedar because of the way it looks.  Its gorgeous colors and grain characteristics makes any normal fence stand out amongst the rest around you.  Magnolia Fence & Patio installs 95% of its fences with Cedar.  Don’t be fooled by another contractor, cedar is the best wood product and for only a little more you can have a long lasting fence. Why else use cedar?  Cedar is toxic to termites and can last twice or three times as long as the traditional spruce/pine fence.

Spruce/Pine  and Treated wood is a solution when trying to save money.  Well, at first that is. The amount of time and money spent treating this wood and repairing the warped boards will soon outweigh the cost of installing a cedar fence with very little maintenance.  Typically spruce and pine come in pre made panels.  You might also be familiar with spruce and pine because it is what’s being replaced with cedar on almost every fence.  Almost all older fences were made out of this wood and it just doesn’t last in the harsh climate of North Texas.  A good rule of thumb is spruce/pine fences will last ½ the time of a cedar fence even with all the maintenance you will be doing.