Wrought Iron

Nothing adds distinction to your property like an ornamental iron fence. Let Magnolia Fence & Patio give you the strength, style, security and elegance that you want for your home. We offer custom designs to match your home. All Magnolia Fence & Patio iron fences receive a special coating that will outlast typical painted fences. Magnolia Fence & Patio employees some of the best fabricators around.  We can bend it, twist it, press it and weld it.  Show us a design and we can make it in-house.  We also have negotiated with our vendors to custom build and mass produce fence panels to meet our expectations, which means you receive a high quality product at the best price available.

Custom fabrication allows you to pick the gauge steel, size and shape used on your fence.  We send most of our custom fabrications to powder coat, so we can ensure a high quality coating every time.  Sometimes the job calls for us to fabricate on site which means we will also paint on site.

Here is a look at our mass production fence panels.  Standard availability is in 4’ , 5‘ and 6’ panels.  These pictures show a standard 2 rail panel with 4 inch spacing on the pickets.  Picket size is available in ½ inch and 5/8.  Rail size is available in 1 inch.  Don’t see what you want? Just let us know what you are looking for!  There is no additional cost in custom fabrication and custom orders.  We just need 2-3 weeks to prepare your order.

We have worked with a large fabricator, AAdvantage Panels & Fence (Whitney, Texas) to mass produce our custom fence panels for your standard fence.  This allows us to be affordable and ultimately faster because the panels are already made.  Their four-part powder coating process is what makes these panels the best around.  Once the panel comes out of paint, each one is tested for paint thickness.  Our thickness is twice the thickness of all other suppliers and fence contractors around the metroplex.  Since AAdvantage is locally owned and operated, we have the confidence that their product,when installed by Magnolia Fence & Patio, is the best around.

Powder Coating vs. Paint
It’s ultimately up to you, the customer.  We offer both powder coat and the tradition liquid paint option.  Powder coating  gives you a thicker, more durable coat than regular paint.  It also is a lot cleaner and more attractive.  Paint tends to flake off, and paint will fade over a few years requiring you to repaint occasionally.  Powder coated material will fade with time (10+ years) but painting it after powder coating is not an issue.