Business and residential property owners demand the best from the contractors who work on their homes and commercial land. Magnolia Fence and Patio is a trusted neighbor to the wonderful people of Aledo, Texas.

We use the best fence materials available for our Aledo neighbors. Western Red Cedar is one of the most popular choices for a great-looking residential fence. Colors and grains in the cedar are unique to each board.

If you decide on a metal fence, we can offer beautiful wrought iron that gives every property a distinctive look and the feeling of security. Commercial properties use iron fencing products from Magnolia Fence and Patioextensively.

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Commercial and Residential Gates in Aledo Texas

No other contractor in Aledo and surrounding areas offer sanenormous selection of gate materials and accessories.

Homes are a place to relax and unwind from the day’s stress. Aledo demands gates that offer privacy and security with a distinctive look. Gates are the first impression visitors see when coming to your property. The right design and quality of a gate system are extremely important and should provide a sense of security for your guests.

Magnolia Fence and Patio can install any gate or system available to commercial or residential property owners. Here are a few classic designs that are currently on the market:

  • Sliding Gates; this system generally uses a v-groove wheel on tracks to guide the gate. A mooring point or gate catcher stabilizes the gate once it is opened. We use only the best materials for this type of gate.
  • Retractable gates, Our company uses innovative products to make these gates work the way they are designed. These gates disappear into the ground when opened.
  • A residential Swing Gateisone of the most popular gate systems and one in which our company has years of installation experience. We use only the finest hinges and panels to construct a quality swing gate.

Scott highly recommends our company; “They just finished a complete update on about 200 feet of fencing with a gate on my property. 7ft Cedar Board on board, bottom plate and topper plate. Amazing job from start to finish. Robert, the owner was very responsive to all communications. The three man crew he sent to do the job were the best! Those guys are simply amazing. Highly recommended if you want the best in residential fencing!”

We spend a great deal of time picking out the best metal and wood materials to build your gate. Other contractors use any material, meaning there will be a lot of repair and alignment down the road. Our design teams help with the selection to match the wood material to your home.

Security is the hallmark of our gate systems. Property owners can enjoy the convenience of not getting out of their car to enter the property. Even when the power is out, our gates still work.

Magnolia Fence and Patio have extensive experience with installing and maintenance of gates in the Aledo area. Let one of our technicians evaluate your property and give you a “Free of Charge” quote for maintenance services.

Aledo Fence Repair

Call Magnolia Fence and Patio immediately if your fence or gate needs repair. Our technician can come to your property within hours to evaluate issues you may have. Aledo residents trust our company to install and maintain a quality fence system that can last for years.

Our staff specializes in post and gate repair. We are experts in cleaning and stain touch-up to keep your fence looking its best. Do not let small fence post or section repair problems turn into a nightmare. Our staff can easily re-hang or realign simple gate problems in minutes.

Magnolia Fence and Patio can offer our Aledo neighbors a monthly or annual maintenance contract that will easily beat our competitors’ offerings. Keep any commercial or residential fencing system operating at its best.

We have years of experience installing and maintaining the very best gate and fence systems in Aledo. Our neighbors trust Magnolia Fence and Patio.

Serving the family-friendly community of Aledo has been one of Magnolia Fence and Patio’s great honors. Family-owned homes always kept in excellent condition and constantly being upgraded is our type of City.

Our professionals always consider thoughtful landscape design for an enchanting outdoor living experience. We want to give Aledo residents all the tools they need to make the most of their outdoor surroundings. Creative ideas should constantly pop into mind whenever passionate residents look at their backyard.

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The backyard living space should be a natural extension of the interior space of your home. Future additions and add-ons should provide a premium living and entertaining area for family and friends. It is essential to plan accordingly. Before breaking ground, know what your dreams are, traditional, contemporary, or countryside living.

Aledo Outdoor Living

Once Magnolia Fence and Patio has completed its initial property evaluation, project specialists can make suggestions based on the available space. Architects design your outdoor space in manageable areas and phases; we want to know how each part fits into the whole before installation.

Planning for Success:

  • Site preparation- installers, with our architects, ensure the proper water drainage for your site before any deck or patio work begins. We ensure the water never pools around living areas and other primary home surfaces.
  • Hardscaping is planned down to the smallest details to ensure everything fits properly into the finished design. Our decks and patios are situated to take full advantage of morning and evening sunlight, shading, and any other natural resource. There are times when hardscapes such as retaining walls need to be installed before other elements. We carefully consider the overall aesthetics of the property before installation.

Keith recommends: “I chose Magnolia Fence because I had seen their work around town. They lived up to my expectations & did an incredible job completing my fence & driveway gate. Paul was very responsive from the initial contact through the completion. They use high-quality pre-stained materials that should last me for years. I will use them again & highly recommend them.”

Rock Fireplaces and Patios in Aledo Texas

Let us design an extraordinary patio or fireplace that family and friends can enjoy forever. Rocks are beautiful accents around a well-designed patio or deck. Add different types of rock, adding unique coloring for stunning effects. If you consider adding a stone fireplace, the structure must meet state and local fire codes first and foremost.

Magnolia Fence and Patio designers can show you several types of stone for a functional as well as a unique and beautiful fireplace. For a perfect fireplace design, granite, limestone, slate, and quartzite can be cut to exact shapes and sizes. These stone materials are excellent at heat resistance and ideal for building your fireplace.

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Company designers can suggest a poured concrete solution for your patio. Poured concrete is one of the most popular and cheapest choices a homeowner can make. Concrete begins as aggregates and paste and then hardens. This makes it an excellent patio material for building unique shapes and patterns.

Stamped concrete is another beautiful material for creating that one-of-a-kind patio. Stamped concrete is created by using flexible polyurethane into freshly poured concrete. Stamped concrete can be dyed into almost any color and mimic the texture of stone or brick. A concrete patio is a great, cheap material for your patio, but it must be maintained, or it will fade and crack.

Let Magnolia Fence and Patio professionals create the perfect outdoor environment for our Aledo residents.


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