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At Magnolia Fence & Patio, we understand that different environments require specialized solutions. That’s why we offer a full range of services for HOA, industrial, and commercial properties tailored to meet the specific needs of each setting.

With each project, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail remains unwavering. We use premium materials and employ skilled professionals to ensure that your HOA, industrial, or commercial fence project is built to last and performs its intended purpose effectively.

Trust Magnolia Fence & Patio to provide reliable solutions for your HOA, industrial, and commercial fence installation needs. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, meeting project deadlines, and exceeding expectations. We welcome General Contractors, Property Managers, Municipality leaders and other 3rd parties to work with us and your clients to deliver the BEST experience. Let us help you secure, enhance, and protect your community, industrial site, or business with a professionally installed fence that stands the test of time.

HOA Fence

Magnolia Fence & Patio is the industry expert in HOA fencing. Our team has provided high-quality fence installations in the DFW area for years, and our goal is always complete customer satisfaction. 

Our team has worked with HOAs for years and knows what it really takes to execute projects of this size. What brings every project together is keeping everyone on the same page, the community clean, and the installation itself on schedule. 

Whether your project requires a simple repair or miles of fence installation, we’re here to help. We have references available and a proven process.

COMMERCIAL Fence Company

In the realm of commercial fence, we recognize the importance of both functionality and aesthetic. Our expert installers can create fences that not only fulfill security needs but also align with your company’s image. 

From modern designs to custom fence or gate fabrication, we tailor fences to reflect your business’s aesthetic while maintaining security. We use premium materials to ensure that your project is built to last.

We know it’s not “just a fence” or “just concrete.” Magnolia Fence & Patio’s experienced crews are prepared and trained to complete high-quality commercial fence installations on time every time.

INDUSTRIAL Fence Company

When it comes to industrial fence installation, we have the experience and expertise to deliver robust and durable solutions. We understand the importance of selecting materials that withstand heavy use, tough weather conditions, and potential impacts.

Whether you need perimeter fencing, security enclosures, or specialized barriers, our skilled team installs fences that provide protection, withstand harsh conditions, and meet industry standards. 

Need to secure an indoor area? We build cages, racks, gate operators, and fenced-off areas in parking garages, warehouses, and other spaces.


Create a Clear Boundary on Your Property

Perimeter fencing serves as a versatile solution that not only defines property boundaries but also enhances the curb appeal of your property. At Magnolia Fence & Patio, we offer a wide range of materials for perimeter fencing, including chain link, iron, wood, and vinyl, allowing you to select the option that best suits your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

When choosing a perimeter fence system, several factors come into play. Compliance with local building codes ensures that your fence meets the necessary standards and regulations. Additionally, the type of soil or surface on your property plays a role in determining the installation method and the durability of the fence. Moreover, any specific purposes or functionalities you require from the fence, such as security, privacy, or noise reduction, should be considered during the decision-making process.

Trust Magnolia Fence & Patio to provide you with a perimeter fence that not only defines your property boundaries but also enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of your commercial property. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and personalized service ensures that your perimeter fence solution meets your expectations and adds value to your property.


Protect & Control Access to Your Property

When it comes to protecting your property and restricting access, Magnolia Fence & Patio is your trusted partner for commercial, industrial, and HOA security fence installation. We understand the importance of selecting a security fence and gate that not only meets your project’s specifications but also provides long-lasting functionality.

Our comprehensive range of high-security fence solutions includes wood, vinyl, and iron options. We take pride in using top-of-the-line materials that offer superior durability, ensuring that your security fence remains robust and reliable for years to come. Our expert team will work closely with you to design and install a security fence that meets your specific needs, incorporating features such as anti-climb measures, reinforced panels, and tamper-resistant hardware.

To compliment our high-security fencing systems, we offer quality security systems that enhance the overall protection of your property. From access control systems to automated gate operators, we can integrate the latest security technologies into your fence and gate setup, providing a comprehensive and effective security solution.

With our team’s extensive skill and experience in the high-security market, we deliver professional and efficient installations. We understand the unique requirements of different industries and settings, allowing us to offer tailored solutions that address your specific security concerns.

We're here when you need us

When you need prompt, honest, reliable answers for your fence and patio projects, we’re here to help you. Trust Magnolia Fence & Patio to explain your options, answer your questions, and allowing you to make decisions stress and worry-free.


Control Noise Pollution on Your Property

A noise reduction fence serves as an effective solution to control sound pollution in various settings, including highways, airports, heavy machinery areas, and construction sites. It acts as a sound barrier, reducing the impact of loud noises on the surrounding environment. Noise reduction fencing can be constructed using a range of acoustic materials, such as wood, vinyl, and concrete.

In industrial and commercial fence applications, noise reduction fencing plays a crucial role in protecting surrounding neighborhoods, homes, and wildlife from the disruptive effects of loud noise generated on-site. It is commonly utilized near highways to minimize traffic noise, along construction sites to mitigate construction-related sounds, and in industrial plants to reduce noise emissions.

In HOA communities, noise reduction fencing can be employed to maintain a peaceful and serene atmosphere for residents, shielding them from external noise sources and enhancing the overall quality of life within the community. The choice of materials and design for noise reduction fencing will depend on the specific requirements of each application, ensuring optimal noise reduction while complementing the aesthetics of the surroundings.

At Magnolia Fence & Patio, we have the expertise to design and install noise reduction fencing tailored to your needs. Our experienced team will work closely with you to select the appropriate materials and implement effective noise reduction strategies. A quality noise reduction fence installation not only diminishes sound pollution but also enhances the tranquility and well-being of your environment.


Securely Control Access and Privacy to Amenities

In commercial, HOA, and industrial settings, many properties have specific areas or amenities that require a protective barrier to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. We offer amenity fencing solutions that allow you to enclose and secure areas such as pools, playgrounds, guest areas, fountains, ponds, parking lots, and other prominent features on your property.

Amenity fencing serves multiple purposes across different sectors. In commercial properties, it helps define the boundaries of these areas, guiding guests and customers and maintaining a well-organized space. In HOA communities, amenity fencing ensures the safety and enjoyment of residents by creating dedicated spaces for recreational activities. In industrial settings, amenity fencing protects valuable equipment or machinery, restricts access to hazardous areas, and establishes controlled zones for employees.

Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique needs of commercial, HOA, and industrial properties when it comes to amenity fencing. We will work closely with you to determine the ideal solution that meets your specific requirements, considering factors such as safety regulations, aesthetics, and durability. Whether you need a secure chain link fence, an elegant iron fence, a classic wood fence, or a low-maintenance vinyl fence, we have the expertise to design and install an amenity fence that complements the overall aesthetics of your property.


Enhance Security and Optimize the Spectator Experience

Sports arena fence installation plays a vital role in providing security, defining boundaries, and optimizing the overall spectator experience. Whether it’s a stadium, a sports complex, or a recreational facility, a well-designed and properly installed fence system ensures the safety of spectators, athletes, and staff while enhancing the aesthetics of the venue.

At Magnolia Fence & Patio, we understand the unique requirements of sports arenas and offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team specializes in sports arena fence installations, providing high-quality fencing systems that combine durability, functionality, and visual appeal.

One of the primary purposes of sports arena fencing is to establish clear boundaries and control access points. The fence acts as a barrier that prevents unauthorized entry, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for spectators. It also helps to guide the flow of foot traffic, separating spectators from playing areas and maintaining order during events.

In addition to security, sports arena fences can enhance the spectator experience. They provide unobstructed views of the game while maintaining a safe distance between spectators and the playing area. Depending on the specific requirements, we offer various fencing materials such as chain link, iron, or wood, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your venue.


Professionally & Safety Secure Your Property

Safety railings are essential elements in many applications, providing enhanced security and promoting safety in a variety of settings. They play a crucial role in preventing accidents, protecting individuals, and guiding the flow of movement.

In industrial settings, safety railings are installed along elevated platforms, walkways, and staircases to prevent falls and ensure the safety of workers and visitors. These sturdy railings are designed to withstand rigorous conditions, providing reliable protection in high-risk areas such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and construction sites. Our experienced team tailors safety railing installations to meet the specific needs of your industrial facility, incorporating durable materials and compliant designs.

In commercial properties, safety railings are utilized in various areas, including balconies, terraces, and staircases. These railings not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also safeguard occupants, ensuring a secure environment for customers and employees. We offer a wide range of materials and designs of commercial fences to match the architectural style of your commercial property while meeting safety standards and regulations.

Within HOA communities, safety railings serve as protective barriers for amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and elevated walkways. These railings provide a sense of security, preventing unauthorized access and minimizing the risk of accidents. Our expert team can install safety railings that harmonize with the community’s aesthetics, contributing to an inviting and safe environment for residents and visitors.

We're here when you need us

When you need prompt, honest, reliable answers for your fence and patio projects, we’re here to help you. Trust Magnolia Fence & Patio to explain your options, answer your questions, and allowing you to make decisions stress and worry-free.


Enhance Safety and Control Traffic

Roadway barrier installation plays a critical role in enhancing safety and controlling traffic flow on highways, roads, and construction sites. These barriers provide physical separation, preventing vehicles from crossing into opposing lanes, protecting pedestrians, and guiding traffic along designated routes.

One of the primary purposes of roadway barriers is to provide a protective barrier between traffic lanes, minimizing the risk of head-on collisions and reducing the severity of accidents. These barriers are constructed using sturdy materials such as concrete or iron, ensuring they can withstand impact forces and effectively redirect vehicles in the event of a collision.

Roadway barriers also play a vital role in controlling traffic flow and guiding drivers along the designated routes. They are sometimes constructed from chain link strategically placed to define lanes, mark construction zones, or create temporary detours, effectively managing the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in a safe and organized manner.


Securing Boundaries and Creating Safe Enclosures

Netted fence installation offers a versatile solution for securing boundaries and creating safe enclosures in various settings. Whether you need to protect a sports field, a construction site, or a recreational area, netted fences provide a reliable barrier that ensures safety while offering visibility and airflow.

At Magnolia Fence & Patio, we complete quality netted fence installations and provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team understands the importance of selecting the right netting materials and designs to deliver a fencing system that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

One of the primary advantages of netted fences is their ability to create a secure enclosure while maintaining visibility. This is particularly useful in sports fields, allowing spectators to watch the game without compromising safety. Netted fences also provide a containment solution for construction sites, preventing unauthorized access and protecting both workers and the public.

Whether you need a high-strength netted fence for a sports facility or a fine-mesh netting for debris containment on a construction site, our team will work closely with you to design and install a solution that meets your requirements. We prioritize safety and quality craftsmanship in every netted fence installation, ensuring that your boundaries are secure and your enclosures provide a safe and controlled environment.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

You can feel confident in your investment as it comes with a Lifetime Limited warranty.

No other wood fence post even comes close to the performance and longevity of this innovative fencing system.

Easy to Clean

Vinyl fencing can be cleaned easily with a regular garden hose. If you get a little mildew from moisture or shady conditions, you can use a mild dish soap and then spray off the fence with a garden hose. Vinyl fences are very easy to clean, making them a great option for low-maintenance fencing.

Better Fence Pickets

We build with only the best fence pickets. These are not the typical fence pickets anyone can buy from the local big-box stores. We have partnered with suppliers to provide the highest quality wood fencing materials.

Decorative Details

Our team is committed to going the extra mile in every detail of your fence project.

Customize your fence project by asking about our add-ons we offer: decorative post caps, trim, and custom railings.

Premium Rails

Much like our fence pickets, our company takes care to only build with rails with minor defects. Taking the time to use premium fence materials helps ensure your family can enjoy the security and privacy of your new fence for years to come.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

At Magnolia Fence & Patio, we believe in complete customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship. That’s why we stand by our work. Our expertly crafted custom fabricated iron fences come with a Craftsmanship Warranty. We also stock prefabricated iron panels that carry a 10 year coating warranty.

High Security Fencing

Maintaining a secure perimeter is your first line of defense against potential threats. A securely installed iron fence serves as a visual deterrent backed with heavy duty hardware that give a higher level of protection compared to traditional alternatives.

Coated Galvanized Steel

All of our iron fences are coated inside and out. Our metal framework is subjected to a multi-stage pre-treatment/wash, followed by a duplex cathodic electrocoat system consisting of an powder finish, which significantly increases corrosion protection, which provides the protection necessary to withstand adverse weathering effects.

Seamless Design

Our iron fence panels are fabricated through a welding technique that combines laser and fusion technology to create a virtually invisible structural connection at every picket to rail intersection. 

Our team’s expertly crafted construction is unmatched in strength and durability. Our experienced fabricators can create a design that matches your needs and aesthetic perfectly.

Beautiful Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are a bright, bold fence choice. Available in a variety of colors, vinyl fencing can be installed in a many configurations to help you enhance the beauty of your property. And, because vinyl isn’t as porous as wood, vinyl fences retain their color and finish much longer than wood fencing so you can enjoy your fence for years to come.

Hidden Posts

PostMaster+ is the only steel fence post on the market designed to be hidden from view.

Both sides of your fence will showcase beautiful cedar posts while the steel on the inside creates a durable, long-lasting fence.

More Options Available

Vinyl fencing is available in a wide variety of configurations to match any property, home, or purpose. Iconic, white vinyl picket fences give a feel of classic Americana with that white-picket-fence-style. Darker vinyl fences can be installed to make a space look more elegant or modern. From short picket to tall privacy, vinyl fencing can be designed to enhance your backyard or business.

Stronger Fencing

Compared to wood, vinyl fencing is much stronger. Vinyl fencing is flexible and durable, which helps vinyl out-perform wood fencing in windy conditions and with environmental exposure to UV rays and weather.

Nice Finishing Caps

Our team prides themselves on putting in the little details that make your fence unique to you. Ask your representative about adding premium finishing caps to your Chain Link fence project.

Premium Chain Link Mesh

Our chain link mesh offers a high level of security for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Manufactured with you in mind to provide you with security and beauty at the same time.

Top Quality Rails

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure your investment is built to last. Adding a top rail to your chain link fence project creates an extra level of durability and security.

Stronger Posts & Hardware

A benefit of choosing our team to install your chain link fence is that we use only the most durable posts and hardware.

Chain-link fences are known for being the last fences standing during hurricanes, tornados, and other severe weather events.

Never Shrink, Warp, or Rot

PostMaster+ fences are designed for more than just presenting a seamless fence, it is an investment in peace of mind.

PostMaster+ is designed to not shrink, warp or rot like wood posts.

Withstands Up to 112 MpH Winds

Your PostMaster+ fence system can be configured to withstand up to 112 MpH winds.

Steel posts protect your investment from damaging wind while cedar offers protection from bugs, rot, and warping.

Stronger Posts

We understand that your fence is only as strong as your posts. This is why we take great care to use the strongest posts, free of defect. We not only offer heavy-duty wood posts but also offer metal posts and PostMaster+ post options for an even stronger post.

All high-quality posts are built to ensure that your fence stands strong for years to come.