Quoting my project…

Generally we can meet you within a few days of the initial contact. We try our best to get all fence quotes out within 24 hours and all patio quotes out within 48-72 hours. We normally don’t quote while we are measuring. We believe your investment is important and want to have some time to work through all of the details before sending out a quote.

HOA’s, Plans and Permits…

Magnolia Fence & Patio will handle the permit process from beginning to end if agreed at the time of approval. Generally permits range from $150-$300 for fence permits and $300-$900 for outdoor living. We handle the design, layout and inspections.

Magnolia Fence & Patio can provide you with anything you need and can even fill out the HOA request. We just cannot submit it for you. The best thing to do is contact your HOA and send us the information they need to get started. Most of the HOA’s in the Fort Worth and Tarrant County area know us so once they see we are helping with the project the rest is pretty easy.

Pre Construction…

Yes, they will need to make arrangements for their pets and clear any o their personal belongings rom the existing fence line.


Generally we can start your fence within a week or two of approval. Most fence builds take 2-3 days depending on the scope of work.

  • As soon as you approve we contact DigTess to locate public utilities. They generally come out within 48-72 hours of being contacted. They will mark the public utilities with washable marking paint and flags. Please don’t remove them, we need it clearly marked to be able to dig. Its State Law.
  • We place a sign in your yard (generally next to your water meter). This will help identify the home we are working on for DigTess and installers. We also have found its a great tool to let your neighbors know what’s about to happen. That way if they have any questions they know how to find us. And we can’t complain we do get some calls for new fences from the sign, but that’s just a perk not the purpose. We do like to pick up the signs at the end, so please leave them out.
  • Within a week or approval you will be notified of your exact installation date.
  • A day or two prior to your installation date we will reach out again to confirm the details of your project.
  • The crew installing your project generally will be on site between 8-9 am depending on scope of work and what work is being performed. They all take lunch around mid day and then wrap up at a reasonable hour in the evening. We don’t rush through anything and don’t expect the crews to work unreasonable hours just to get done. We want to do it right, not twice.

No, feel free to go about your normal day. Our team will call you with any updates or questions along the way. But if you would like to be around we don’t mind at all. Sometimes the more detailed the project the better off everyone is if you are around each morning or afternoon to discuss the progress. If at all possible we love meeting you at the beginning and walking the job upon completion, but its not required.

Although we cannot take responsibility for any damaged sprinklers while installing your fences we can have our licensed irrigator repair any damage done. We will coordinate all the repairs without you having to worry about it. Our reduced hourly rate for all fence customers is why everyone is choosing Magnolia Fence & Patio as their fence builder. All repairs are $50 per hour.

Yes we do. For $50 we guarantee all material and labor if we damage any irrigation along the way. This does not include adjusting or moving heads. What it does include is a irrigation run throughout prior to or on the first day of construction to check the status of the system. If you need any additional work we can provide a quote at that time. Upon completion of the fence installation we ask that you run through the system and make sure no sprinklers are spraying on your fence, all lines pressure up and all runs well.

  • Each crew has a Foreman on site who keeps the project within the specs agreed upon within a reasonable time frame. They will work with you directly on most of the cosmetic questions.
  • Each Foreman reports to a supervisor and that Supervisor will check in at least once on site or more as needed
  • Each Supervisor works with your Project Manager who will also check in at least once on site or more as needed. If an adjustment of price is required your Project Manager should be notified.

Its always best to call the office first ( 817-995-7467). They will get you taken care of and are sure your Project Manager gets in touch with you. If its a quick question the crews are all trained to help in most cases too.


If you are a new client we charge a $250 non refundable deposit on most projects. Projects with specific material to just your job might have a larger deposit. Of course any deposit made will be taken off your final invoice upon satisfaction.

Final payment is due upon satisfaction and completion. You can give a check or cash to the crew at any point. If paying with a credit card give our office a call. Note that your quote is for a check or cash payment, so don’t forget to add 3 percent for all credit card charges. If you would like to mail a check or meet your Project Manger to settle up.


Its pretty simple. If we could have done something better we are going to stand by our work. We have a 5 year craftsmanship warranty and a 1 year gate warranty. Material is going to have a mind of its own when working with wood. We cannot stand by material that warps, cracks or has other natural imperfections unless it was not properly installed. You will get every manufacturer warranty passed along. All warranties are transferable if you sell your home. Contact us for the full list and details on our warranty.