Capture Classic Charm and Create a Welcoming Atmosphere



Picket fences are the quintessential American fence, boasting classic charm and timeless appeal. They consist of upright pickets, typically evenly spaced, connected by horizontal rails. Picket fences serve both practical and decorative purposes, creating a welcoming ambiance while also defining your property’s boundaries.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, picket fences offer numerous benefits. They provide a secure enclosure for children and pets, ensuring their safety within the property while still allowing a sense of openness. With their spaced pickets, these fences allow you to maintain visibility. Picket fences also serve as a visible boundary, clearly defining the limits of your property. They enhance your property’s curb appeal, adding a touch of character and charm. Whether adorning a charming cottage, a suburban house, or a business, picket fences elevate the overall aesthetic and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Moreover, picket fences can be customized to suit your preferences and architectural style. Whether you opt for a traditional white picket fence installation, a more contemporary design, or a decorative variation, you have the flexibility to choose the height, spacing, and material that best align with your vision. With their enduring popularity and ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, picket fences continue to be a beloved choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Wood PICKET Fence Installation

The Rustic Charm of Wood Picket Fence Installation

Wood picket fences are a timeless, versatile fence style that can serve a variety of purposes for home and business owners alike. When choosing wood for your fence, you have several options, including Western Red Cedar, Spruce/Pine, and Treated Spruce. Western Red Cedar stands out for its superior natural resistance to decay, moisture, insects, warping, and splitting. With a wood fence installation, you also have the option of adding staining to enhance its natural beauty and further protect your fence from wear and tear. We offer many color options, making wood one of the most versatile material options. There are many benefits to a well-crafted wood picket fence installation.

A wood picket fence will add to your property’s curb appeal and beauty while also functioning as a boundary marker and visual deterrent for trespassing. Wood is also an economical and durable choice. Wood privacy fence installations are one of the most popular residential fence styles and offer the most versatility.

VINYL Picket Fence Installation

Low-Maintenance & Elegant Vinyl Picket Fence Installation

If you’re seeking a hassle-free solution to enhance your property’s privacy, look no further than the vinyl picket fences offered by Magnolia Fence & Patio. Our top-quality vinyl fences combine functionality and style to create a retreat in your backyard with minimal maintenance requirements.

The hard-wearing vinyl material is built to withstand the elements, ensuring it won’t warp, splinter, rot, split, or blister over time. Cleaning is a breeze; simply use a sponge and hose (or a pressure washer) to wash away dirt and grime. While vinyl fences may require a slightly higher upfront investment, their longevity and low maintenance make them a cost-effective choice in the long run. Say goodbye to tedious painting or staining and welcome the opportunity to create a comforting and welcoming feeling with a beautiful vinyl picket fence from Magnolia Fence & Patio.

Instant Pricing

Get A Fence Price Online Right Now!

Did you know that you can get an INSTANT PRICE on your fence without leaving your couch? That’s right! No measuring. No walking the perimeter. No sweat!

Our Pricing Tool lets you draw your fence on a map of your property, add your gates, and select your fence options. You will get an instant estimate without even picking up the phone.

Iron PICKET Fence Installation

Long-Standing, High-Performance Iron Picket Fence Installation

Add a touch of sophistication and security to your property with an iron picket fence installation by Magnolia Fence & Patio. Our experienced team of skilled fabricators takes pride in creating exquisite iron fences that not only exude elegance but also provide a robust and secure perimeter for your property.

Iron picket fences are renowned for their exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality. With their sturdy construction, these fences require minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort. More importantly, they offer a secure enclosure for children and pets, granting you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe within the property boundaries.

While providing security, iron picket fences also allow for a sense of openness. The spaced pickets maintain visibility, allowing you to keep an eye on activities outside and enjoy the view of your property. The combination of security and visibility creates a balanced and welcoming ambiance, making your property both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a fence depends upon several factors. The main determining factors consist of what type of fence material is selected, the style of fence being built, what type and how many gates are installed, and, of course, how many linear feet of fence is required. (Linear footage is calculated by measuring the perimeter of the area that the fence will be built on.) For privacy fences, wood is the most economical material choice.

Want to get a better idea of fence cost? Use our fence estimator tool and GET AN INSTANT QUOTE.

New clients are typically charged a $250 deposit. Permit application fees may also be charged at time of approval. In the event the city does not approve the necessary permits, your $250 deposit will be refunded, but the permit fee is non-refundable. Projects with specific materials may have a different deposit amount. Any deposit made will be taken off your final invoice upon your satisfaction of the project.

Once approval for the fence installation is received, Magnolia Fence & Patio promptly contacts DigTess, the utility locating service, to identify any public utilities. DigTess typically responds within 48-72 hours and uses washable marking paint and flags to clearly indicate the location of these utilities. It’s important not to remove these markings as per state law.

To facilitate the process, a sign is placed in the client’s yard, usually near the water meter. This sign serves two purposes: it helps DigTess and installers identify the property, and it serves as a means to inform neighbors about the upcoming project. The sign often generates inquiries for new fences, which is a bonus but not the primary intention. At the project’s conclusion, the signs are collected, so please leave them out.

Within approximately one week of approval, the client receives a notification specifying the exact installation date.

A day or two prior to the scheduled installation, Magnolia Fence & Patio reaches out again to confirm project details.

The installation crew typically arrives on-site between 9-10 am, taking into account the project’s complexity and tasks to be completed. They take a midday lunch break and conclude their work at a reasonable hour. There is no rush or expectation for the crew to work excessive hours. The focus is on doing the job right the first time, avoiding the need for rework.

Typically, Magnolia Fence & Patio aims to commence fence installation within one to two weeks following approval. The duration of most fence builds ranges from 2 to 3 days, depending on the complexity and extent of the project.