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On the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas, Hudson Oaks is a wonderful community that boasts ofno crime and a safe family environment. Magnolia Fence and Patio has been deeply ingrained into the city for years, providing security with its advanced fencing and gate systems.

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Gate and Fence Repair in Hudson Oaks

Keeping your fences and gates looking their best requires a company that cares about its customers. Magnolia Fence and Patio have years of exceptional experience treating customers the right way. Hudson Oak residents are proud of their properties and call on only one company, Magnolia Fence and Patio!

We would love to talk with you if you have a project in mind. Use our convenient Quote form and enter as much information as possible. Add photos and sketches if available, then let our design staff go to work.

Our automatic gates provide an extra level of security to our residential and commercial clients. In addition, convenience and peace of mind are significant advantages to the gates we install.

Any gate system may have troubles.

  • Automatic gates should operate efficiently without generating a large amount of noise. However, it is essential property owners notice the noise because parts may have become worn and unreliable.
  • If your automatic gate fails to open or close, the issue is usually a power outage that has interrupted the circuitry. Automatic gates require a constant supply of power. Call Magnolia Fence and Patio immediately.
  • Another common problem in automatic gates is a faulty remote control. The batteries need to be changed most often; other times, the control unit is faulty and needs replacement.
  • Automatic or manual gates can sometimes be overrun by pests or other rodents who get into the inner workings and foul the mechanisms. Therefore, it is crucial to call Magnolia Fence and Patio immediately to have a technician fix the issues.
  • Worn Tracks are the most common cause of automatic gates not working correctly. The constant opening and closing in all types of weather can cause tracks and parts to become worn. Call our company, and one of our technicians will fix the issue immediately.

Magnolias Fence and Patio Serves Hudson Oaks Texash

David Fleming gives this glowing recommendation; Robert and the Magnolia team did an extensive backyard makeover for us a little while back. They built a 12 x 42 custom Oklahoma flagstone, covered patio, garden beds, and fire pit area for us. They put in all new cedar fencing all around the entire yard. They also put in a custom French drain system due to standing pools of water whenever it rained heavily. They did a great job. Robert took my vision of the backyard we wanted and made it happen better than we imagined. Robert or Bryan would check progress daily. The quality of the work was great. They did an excellent job at tying in the new patio into the existing roof. If I ever had a question or concern Robert or Bryan would address it promptly. The crew was punctual and cleaned up the worksite daily. We spend a lot of time using our backyard and we recommend Magnolia every time anyone asks us about backyard projects or fencing needs.

Our company is one of the most highly sought-after contractors in Metroplex for fence, gate installation, and repair. Our company offers commercial and residential fencing systems with any configuration.

We use only the best materials and systems from the best third-party vendors available. In addition, our design and install teams can offer unique layouts and setups that will make your property stand out from the neighbors.

Our company provides an enormous variety of material and fence types and materials to meet the needs of our great Hudson Oak neighbors.

  • We offer a variety of solid wood fencing to meet any residential or commercial need. Cedar, redwood, and pine are just a few of the quality materials we use. These materials are inexpensive, durable, and look great for any purpose.
  • Vinyl Fencing is an excellent choice for either residential or commercial properties. The material is inexpensive, with low upfront costs. In addition, vinyl provides a beautiful fence that rarely needs painting or maintenance.
  • Composite fencing is another wise choice for property owners. Composite material offers the unique look of stained or natural wood without the upkeep. In addition, composite fences are excellent for high-security situations.
  • We offer a variety of metal materials in a wide selection of layouts. Wrought iron, steel, and chain-link are some materials that we work with extensively. Our staff offers several designs and configurations that will make your fence and gate stand out from the rest.
  • Specialty fences are every where in the State of Texas. Specialty fence systems are our specialty—fences for large areas or keeping animals in specified sections, and so on. We design and install any fencing with gate systems to match if security or privacy is a significant concern; we have a fence to match.


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