Trust your fence, gate, and repair to the number one contractor in the Metroplex. Magnolia Fence and Patio have been installing residential and commercial fencing in Keller, Texas, for years. We have built a solid reputation for quality and excellent customer service.

“We are very pleased with the custom fence Magnolia Fence & Patio designed and installed. Robert worked with us to find just the right design that worked for our space. The installation crews that performed the work were very courteous and professional. Above all, I appreciated the pride they took in their work, the attention to detail shown, and the clean job site they kept. We will definitely use them again and will not hesitate to refer them to others!”
Richard gave us this recommendation.

Our company installs commercial and residential systems that are unrivaled in Keller. A thorough evaluation of your property and our design team can offer several ideas to protect your home or commercial building.

Commercial Fencing Solutions In Keller From Magnolia Fence and Patio

Commercial solutions from Magnolia Fence and Patio include a wide variety of materials plus unique gate systems for privacy and protection.

We offer several wood and wood composite materials that can immediately enhance any building or smaller commercial property. We offer beautiful wood fencing products in western red cedar in a shadow box or post and rail design.

Commercial fencing installed by our company lasts for decades if maintained properly. Gorgeous colors and grain characteristics enhance its value. Do not let other contractors fool you into thinking wood is too expensive or will not last. Talk with one of our skilled team members, and we can make you a believer in our company and products.

Bring any fence and gate solution in Keller Texas with our innovative Request an Estimate feature.

Commercial Metal Fencing Keller

Magnolia Fence and Patio can design a fencing and gate system that can protect against most unauthorized intrusions. We offer a variety of ornamental iron that enhances any property.

Each section of our metal fencing features a special coating that outlasts typical painted surfaces offered by our competitors. We can bend, press, twist, or weldour metal fencing to match any design or terrain.

We offer custom fabrication in every commercial or residential fence installed for the great people of Keller. Magnolia Fence and Patio can mass-produce fence panels for any configuration. This feature gives us the ability to offer a great product at extremely affordable prices.

We recommend our powder coating for our commercial fencing product. Powder coating gives you a thicker, more durable coat than what our competitors offer. Painted surfaces tend to lose their luster over time, plus they will flake and peel off the surface.

Commercial Gate Systems in Keller TX

Our Request an Estimate feature brings your designs to life.

No other fence and gate contractor in Metroplex offers a wide array of commercial gate systems. Each gate we install for our commercial clients is custom crafted to exact specifications. Our design teams use custom power options to make sure your building and grounds are secure all the time.

Custom gate systems include specific height, width, and steel gauge. We offer a variety of commercial keypads and clickers, along with other accessories.

Fence Repair and Maintenance in Keller

Our experienced team can repair any installed fence or gate. Company technicians have extensive experience when it comes to replacing a battery or timing reset. If your commercial fence or gate is sagging or broken, let us repair it. We are unrivaled for our quality.

Our company specializes in post and gate repair plus cleaning and staining. There is no better way to extend the life of your fence than by letting Magnolia Fence and Patio perform regular maintenance. A simple post or gate damage can develop into expensive long-term repair nightmares unless you handle the problem immediately.

Scheduled treating and staining of an installed fence can prolong the system’s life by years. Let Magnolia Fence and Patio give your commercial property a thorough evaluation and prepare a maintenance checklist, Free of Charge!

No other company in the state has the experience. We offer a wide variety of materials and styles to enhance and secure your commercial property like no other contractor.

Homeowners in the beautiful community of Keller, Texas, demand the finest landscaping and outdoor living designs. Magnolia Fence and Patio are honored to serve this fine city.

We bring the latest landscape concepts and installation practices to every client we serve. Incorporating the customer’s wishes, we thoroughly evaluate the property and start from the beginning. We ensure the foundation is secure and will be adequately situated on any terrain. Architects design proper water drainage so our Keller customers will have a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment.

We practice solid landscape design principles throughout the development and installation process.

  • Simplicity and variety are the main concepts we practice with each client. Both simplicity and variety work in unison to balance each other. Repeating plant materials in sweeps and groupings across the landscape creates simplicity. We use a variety of plant materials for an enchanting look.
  • Landscape balance is one of the more essential concepts we look at for each terrain we deal with. Proper balance, whether formal or informal, creates stability.
  • Color in landscapes is one of the more critical design concepts. Proper color placed in suitable locations creates a powerful mood and feeling response. We handle color as one of the most influential design elements.

Keller Landscapes

Magnolia Fence and Patio deliver award-winning designs in landscape for your outdoor living dreams. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality design/build process regardless of the project or terrain.

Water Features

  • Endless ways exist to transform a backyard, so it resembles a homeowner’s dreams from worlds away. Tranquil ponds and winding streams can give any family or friends a site for ultimate relaxation. Our design professionals can construct waterfalls and ponds to fit any outdoor layout.
  • Our water landscape elements are extremely popular amenities for any outdoor living space. These particular areas will quickly become a place to relax and unwind.

Custom Patio Design and Installation in Keller Texas

  • Custom stone patio design and installation will bring the indoors outside with a custom patio. Magnolia Fence and Patio architects use creative designs using natural and composite materials to enhance the value of your home. Connecting your indoor living space to the beautiful Keller outdoors creates a relaxing and entertaining space for everyone.

Retaining Walls

  • Retaining walls and other structural landscape elements are often needed for decorative, drainage, and structural needs. Magnolia Fence and Patio have the resources to design and install these landscape elements. We can design and install a variety of custom retaining walls, including wood, block, and concrete.
  • Outstanding architects design and install hardscape features that would otherwise be impossible due to slope or erosion. Usable space is created where none was possible before. We can expand the opportunity to install additional features by installing a retaining wall.


  • Custom fencing of every type imaginable is displayed throughout the great state of Texas. Magnolia Fence and Patio offers our residential customers custom-made design and installation. Our fence design specialists and installers can create a wood, stone, or iron fence to guard your home. Please get in touch with our sales department for any additional fencing needs at (817) 995-7467.

Talk to our personnel about different outdoor living expressions we can design for you. We offer the widest variety of landscaping services available.

  • Outdoor Kitchens a great way to entertain family and friends.
  • Arbors and Pergolas offer enchanting ways to enjoy your outdoor living space.
  • Decks are the ultimate enjoyment spot for family and friends.

Magnolia Fence and Patio are called upon for various projects in Keller. Do not hesitate to call one of our specialists to see how we can help.


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