Magnolia Fence and Patio are considered the number one contractor in The Metroplexfor fencing and gate systems. We serve either residential or commercial clients.

We guarantee your satisfaction. If you have an idea for a gate and fence system and need an expert opinion; use our Request an Estimate feature to bring your reality to life

Our company’s goal is to create long-lasting, unique structures that families will cherish for decades. After a thorough evaluation of your property, our design team will recommend a complete or partial fencing system based on your property’s unique terrain features.

Our decades of experience in Mansfield and surrounding communities give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. We use top-notch design and install professionals who know how to build the right system for your landscape.

Different Types of Fencing in Mansfield Texas

We combine a massive number of materials and the specific needs of our clients to provide the perfectfence and gatesfor your property.

Here are some of the fences we install:

Safety Fencing in Mansfield

One of the most popular reasons property owners install a fencing system is to protect people, animals, and other valuables. Young children can often run into the road or wander off, giving parents a lot of anxiety. Fencing to keep children in or undesirables out is a wise choice.

Installing a safety fence to keep kids and others away from dangerous natural resources, like a lake or cliff, preventsserious injury.

Magnolia Fence and Patio designs unique and hardened fencing for commercial properties needing complete privacy and safety. Combine these iron or chain-link fences with a security gate and proprietary access control systems, and your business is fully protected.

Security Fencing Mansfield TX

Ley Magnolia Fence and Patio design a security fence and gate system that will let your family sleep soundly at night. Choose a wrought iron fence material and a controlled access gate that will prevent criminals from wandering onto your property.

Boundary Fence Mansfield

Another form of securityis fencing to establish boundaries for your property. Boundary fencing can be helpful for people who accidentally trespass on your property without knowing it. Other homeowners get incredibly frustrated at those who are knowingly trespassing on their property without permission. A boundary fence creates a hard property line that leaves no dispute.

Privacy and Curb Appeal Fencing

Property owners in Mansfield love their privacy. There is no better way to preserve seclusion and protection than a well-built privacy fence by Magnolia Fence and Patio. Every property owner thinks of their outdoor space as an extension of their home.

The aesthetic appeal of a fence enhances the value and adds to the overall appeal of any home. Our design team can offer suggestions after a thorough evaluation of your property, whether it is a white picket fence, or a fence draped with vines.

With the right fence, Mansfield residents can feel right at home anywhere on their property.

Brad Birdsell recommends Magnolia Fence and patio:

“This is a top notch class act company. Very professional with excellent communication skills. The owner Robert and his project manager Brian were in contact with me all the way making sure we were on the same page. Extremely competitive price- installation was flawless- couldn’t be happier with the result!”

Concealment Fencing in Mansfield Texas

A lot of property owners have areas they would rather no one see. A concealment fence is a perfect answer for unattractive property that adds no real value to the property itself. Let Magnolia Fence and Patio give you suggestions after we thoroughly examine your property.

Magnolia Fence and Patio is the premier contractor for fencing, gate systems, and all types of patios in The Metroplex. For years we have served the wonderful residents of Mansfield and are proud to call them our neighbors.

We Offer:

  • Wood Fencing: Our material comes from the heart of the tree, giving its owner durability and long-lasting good looks.
  • Wrought Iron: Our design teams can provide several ideas and designs to transform your property and keep it safe.
  • Chain-Link: We offer any chain-link system, any height, with a gating system for discerning commercial properties.

Let Magnolia Fence and Patio offer a stain solution that will transform old-worn fencing into an attractive addition to your property.

Call one of our technicians immediately if you are having issues with the existing fence and gate system. We are here to help our neighbors.

Magnolia Fence and Patio are incredibly proud to serve the fast-growing community of Mansfield. These great people have taken advantage of each service we offer for years and hopefully for years to come. The city’s healthy real estate market continues to use our new construction and remodeling services for outdoor living.

We build the finest outdoor living experiences from design to installation. No other company offers premium services like Magnolia Fence and Patio. We can create something special in your backyard by adding a patio, deck, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen.

Mansfield Decks

Modern craftsmanship and innovation have brought exciting designs and materials to building exceptional outdoor living spaces. Whether you are entertaining or relaxing after a hard day’s work, your home’s deck or patio is where both of these outstanding features meet. The designs speak volumes about your approach to home design.

There is a wealth of outdoor living concepts that Magnolia Fence and Patio can bring to your attention for design ideas and inspiration. No matter the size of your Mansfield home, there is a perfect deck to match. Backyard decks must have your material of choice to be enjoyed, from either beautifully colored stone to the wonderful expressions of stained wood.

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If your outdoor space has an excellent view, it makes sense to design a deck with as much entertaining space as possible. If your land has several different slopes, consider making the most by letting us design a multi-tiered deck. Our design architects can have the wood make several directional changes; this design element helps to designate different uses for a large deck area.

Mansfield residents should not be concerned if they feel there is not a lot of space for a deck. Small deck areas are great for specific uses, such as an extra dining area off the kitchen or a small kitchen area near the living room. Each small deck we design is usually made from wood for the best expression, while large decks are made from poured concrete or travertine.

Ground-level decks are the perfect solution for improving the aesthetics of small backyards. We have designs to install seating areas and planters. Pergolas are the perfect accessory for small deck designs. With small backyards and slopes, a multi-tier deck is a perfect fit.

Mansfield Patios

Magnolia Fence and Patio have taken the input of Mansfield homeowners and designed great patios that will be unique for a lifetime. Company experts from every outdoor building specialty have combined their talents to showcase innovative materials for various patio concepts.

Our patio designs give Mansfield a timeless look for its outdoor living space. We can create stone patios that accent the home in unique and different ways. Our years of experience working on and installing patios, grills, and fire pits add value and personalize each Mansfield home.

We have access to a wide variety of colorful natural and pre-cast stone that brings out a home’s unique and beautiful features. Let our designers find the perfect stone to bring your vision to life.

Decorative concrete, travertine, and pavers give your backyard patio a complete and finished look. We can bring you and your family a custom look at the right price for your budget. We offer every option available to bring your backyard a unique look, such as stamped, textured, or plain broom finish. Give us a call now and let your dreams come to life.

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There is no decorative element that Magnolia Fence and Patio architects cannot design or install for the perfect backyard look. Let us show you our years of experience servicing the great people of Mansfield, Texas.


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