Midlothian residents in need of a residential or commercial fencing solution need to contact our company immediately. Magnolia Fence and Patio, with our highly skilled team, can evaluate and suggest several options for you to consider.

We offer competitive gate and fence prices, professional craftsmanship, and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We find a way to satisfy the fencing needs of our Midlothian neighbors.

Fencing and Gates in Midlothian Texas

The wood materials our company provides are unmatched in the industry. Wood, such as Western Red Cedar, is one of the more popular fence materials in Midlothian. Western Red Cedar can last up to 20 years with the correct treatment and scheduled maintenance, even in harsh Midlothian weather.

Use our innovative Request an Estimate feature and talk directly with an expert about your dreams.

Our western red cedar has a significant resistance to decay from moisture and insects. The wood is also excellent at withstanding warping and splitting. We choose only cedar with outstanding characteristics such as color and grain. Over 90% of the fences we install for our Midlothian neighbors use western red cedar.

Wood fencing by Magnolia Fence and Patio has stood the test of time, and our styles are classic designs. We can provide a design that offers the best in privacy unrivaled in the area. Our teams can also offer a vast array of custom configurations to enhance any property’s value.

Talk with one of our design team specialists if you need a fence and gate system unique to your property. Once you have your design set, choose the wood you want. It is essential to understand the different qualities of wood, grains and what each wood type has to offer.

Metal Fencing in Midlothian

No other fence material offers the distinctive look as our wrought iron. We provide you with a fence that offers style, strength, and unmatched security.

Unlike other contractors, each section of our iron fencing receives a special coating before installation. The coating is meant to reduce rust and other problems that naturally exist with this fencing material. Our coatings outlast any painted surfaces our competitors are known for.

If your custom design includes iron, we can bend, twist, press, or weld the material into any shape you desire. Our custom fabrication capabilities allow us to offer our neighbors the best possible price available.

Gates in Midlothian TX

Quality gates and control adds a distinctive look to your entire system. We can custom design a gate and fence to match your home’s look and feel. Add a distinctive style and security with a quality gate from Magnolia Fence and Patio.

We provide a variety of styles for your home driveway or business gate. Let our team know if you want a wood or metal gate to match your fence. Whether commercial or residential, our company has years of experience providing the best gates for Midlothian residents.

Taylor recommends Magnolia Fence and Patio; Magnolia did an excellent job on our new fence and gate. Robert runs a very professional business. I recommend them to anyone looking for a new fence/gate or repair. Master fence builder, Jamie, and service specialist, Kristin, did an awesome job!

We can provide several custom designs for you to choose from. For our custom gate solutions, consider the following:

  • Have a basic design idea to show our team
  • Consider the level of privacy you want for your gate
  • How wide or tall do you want for your gate
  • How should the gate open?
  • Materials

Midlothian Fence Installation

Once we have established the perfect design and fence materials, it is time for our installation team to go to work. Install teams from Magnolia Fence and Patio will handle the project from start to finish. A project manager will contact you to schedule a start time and any last-minute details for the installation.

Our service includes pulling and applying for any local permits that may be necessary. Our team or possibly a third-party contractor will come in and prepare the site for installation. Once we are finished, our teams will do a complete clean-up and disposal of job-related debris.

Midlothian residents demand quality in every area of their home. When you build or add on to your home, choose Magnolia Fence and Patio. We are proud to serve these great people.

Every outdoor project we build is designed to enhance the overall beauty of your home. Our specialty is building outdoor projects that look and feel original to the home. We are proud to serve the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Call one of our sales personnel immediately if you would love a custom-built patio, deck, or any other outdoor project.

So much innovation and forward-thinking have been brought to Midlothian for residents to enjoy their outdoor living space. Some of the best ideas are for Outdoor Kitchens and Living Rooms. Rather than stay indoors on a delightful evening, take family and friends to a thoroughly equipped kitchen, fireplace, and living room.

Midlothian Outdoor Kitchens

Magnolia Fence and Patio are experts at designing and installing outdoor kitchens to rival the indoors or design a new, bright, smaller version. Our designers work closely with the homeowner to custom design a kitchen that blends seamlessly with the home’s exterior.

We offer the latest in innovative materials along with traditional wood and stone. Choose from brick, stucco, or classic stone for a traditional look. Granite and high-end tile for countertops are also available. Installers use the best framework underneath to ensure a solid foundation. We use tubular steel and cement sheathing for a durable and heat-proof foundation.

There are so many benefits to cooking outdoors; you may never have another meal inside. Magnolia Fence and Patio architects can help combine elements such as grills and cooking tops. Imagine a fully featured kitchen island that can serve as a focal point for many other services during a meal. Island kitchens are excellent for clean-up and food preparation.

Architects can deliver inspiration to match the dimensions if there is limited outdoor space. Smaller sinks, cabinet areas, and smaller kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, can be changed for limited spaces. If these ideas interest you, please call one of our designers today.

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Outdoor Living in Midlothian Texas

Midlothian residents appreciate the simplicity of bringing family and friends to the outdoors and living life to its fullest. Magnolia Fence and Patio designers can create a space that will bring out the best in your home’s design. So many design elements can enhance a home’s value, using the proper materials to build an outdoor living space.

Creating a relaxing and stylish outdoor living room can significantly enhance the value of a home. The proper space gives an oasis for family and friends to enjoy the outdoors. Architects can create an enchanting, enclosed gazebo or pergola, then add different colored curtains. This element gives the effect of framing the outdoor space.

Another room idea is to have a trellis or archway leading to an outdoor space. This simple addition gives family and friends a special place to entertain.

Decorative fencing is another design element that can produce the feeling of boundaries for your outdoors. Add different living room furniture to match the available space, such as warp around or sectional couches. Use comfortable seating for a relaxed feeling.

Do not be afraid to add traditional indoor elements to your outdoors and create a welcoming feeling.

Magnolia Fence and Patio is the single best source for Midlothian residents to get their design inspiration and rock-solid installation of any outdoor feature. Our years of experience can give homeowners patios, decks, arbors, and pergolas in any shape or configuration. We offer any traditional or contemporary build material for our clients.


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