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Saginaw residents demand their home contractors deliver quality and excellent customer service. Magnolia Fence and Patio consider each person in Saginaw as a valued neighbor when delivering a product.

It is the mission of our company to create an outdoor environment your family will love. Every fence and gate we install is designed for durability and to be visually pleasing. The fences we install are created from the highest quality materials available.

Saginaw residents have access to our unique Request and Estimate feature that brings ideas to life.

We are committed to creating a long-term relationship with every customer. The vendors we work with are equally important when building quality and lasting relationships. Magnolia Fence and Patio works hard to meet every project’s goal on time and well within budget.

Fence Services and Repair Offerings in Saginaw Texas

Magnolia Fence and patio offers a wide array of additional services to the residential and commercial property owners in Saginaw. Aside from design and installation programs, we do our best to enhance each client’s property value.

Fence Staining in Saginaw

No other service we offer provides an instant value-added overhaul to a property. The proper staining and wood treatment adds years to the life of any gate or fence. If your property has a fence installed, one of our skilled technicians can evaluate the structure and provide a detailed quote, “Free of Charge.”

Just like painting your home, applying a fresh coat of distinctive stain to your fence makes a world of difference. We have years of experience with fence and gate design/installation.

Magnolia Fence and Patio are one of only a very few companies in the Metroplex with pre-staining capabilities. Our extensive facilities and experienced staff can pre-stain a fence before installation, allowing the owner to choose from the various colors we offer.

Our pre-staining operation is much more efficient but takes longer to perform at our facilities. Even though the process is longer, we believe this is the absolute best method. With our pre-staining, boards and gates are sprayed into every crack and crevice, which is impossible once the fence goes up.

Fence and Gate Repair Saginaw TX

No contractor in Saginaw or Texas is better equipped to repair faulty commercial/residential gate and fencing systems. Again, our years of experience are unrivaled in the industry.

Our skilled technicians are experts in repairing and maintaining posts and gates, along with our comprehensive cleaning process. If you or your company want to extend the life of your gate and fences, it is vital to call Magnolia Fence and Patio.

Superficial damage to your fence, whether natural or intentional, will turn into a repair nightmare if the problem is not fixed as soon as possible. Gates never last longer than the fence due to the heavy use it receives. Our experienced technicians can re-hang or re-align your gates if needed.

Let our technicians schedule a “Free of Charge” evaluation of your property to address any impending problems.

Sheryl tells us about her experience, “Robert and his team exceeded our expectations. They replaced an old, dilapidated fence for us and did a top-notch, professional job at a fair price. There were a few delays with our project due to an abundance of rain, but they kept us updated every step of the way. They cleaned up when finished and left the area better than they found it. We are highly satisfied with our new fence and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Magnolia Fence and Patio Company Serving Saginaw

We offer our Saginaw neighbors vast materials, custom designs, and security configurations for any size residential or commercial property. Our number one goal with any service we provide is complete customer satisfaction.

Popular wood materials w offer include Western Red Cedar, Spruce/Pine, and treated Spruce. There is no fence design we cannot install. We offer privacy, capped and trim, gothic point, and shadow box, to name a few.

Our metal fencing is unlike any other contractor in the Metroplex. Wrought iron is one of the most popular materials in Saginaw and surrounding areas. Wrought iron adds a distinctive look and feel to any property. Plus, wrought iron offers unmatched security.

Chain link is another first-rate material and can be used for a variety of applications. Combine a chain link with one of our security gates, and your commercial property managers can control access at any point in the structure.

Saginaw, Texas, is one of the great suburbs of Fort Worth. Magnolia Fence and Patio have served this wonderful community for years with our exclusive services. Landscaping, patio and deck installation, and outdoor services are only part of our company.

Magnolia Fence and Patio (817) 995-7467

We want to build residential outdoor elements that surpass a homeowner’s dream. Homeowner input into every development aspect is vital to successfully completing a project. No matter what we build, our designers and installation personnel do their best to customize the project to the homeowner’s exact wishes.

Saginaw Pergolas

Our unique style of arbors and pergolas provides shelter and privacy to accent any home. Our designers attempt to blend these elements into other areas of your backyard for separation, traffic control, and entertainment. No matter the weather conditions of the great state of Texas, our pergolas offer the perfect structure.

Magnolia Fence and Patio can design and build any structure to fit a variety of outdoor landscapes and terrains. Call our offices at once at (817) 995-7467 to discover the many options we provide.

Design teams can offer the Saginaw homeowner a wide variety of unique styles to fit their backyard.

Attached Pergolas:

We can design and install a pergola that fits precisely any deck or patio. The materials we use give the added advantage of durability and low maintenance. Innovative materials such as fiberglass offer the homeowner much more than traditional pergola materials. In the long-term, there is no sagging under their own weight. Our fiberglass pergolas are unaffected by variations in outside weather conditions.

Magnolia Fence and Patio (817) 995-7467

Our reinforced pergolas are naturally corrosion resistant and will not rust, corrode, or pit. They maintain a beautiful source of relaxation for a lifetime. Magnolia Fence and Patio Pergolas maintain their outstanding appearance for years, no matter the design, compared to wood and other composites.


Our pergolas instantly transform an outdoor space into something relaxing and tranquil. We offer many designs that accent your outdoor living space. We can design an entry or garden pergola that will be maintenance-free and a perfect complement to a patio or deck design.

We offer pergolas from traditional styling to contemporary so that it matches your home perfectly. Pergolas are offered to our Saginaw neighbors in various colors, with column designs. These well-built pergolas are easy to maintain.

Saginaw Patios

No other home addition can be more expressive than a well-designed patio for family and guests. A patio is essential to your home as it connects the outside to the interior. We can design small patios for relaxing after a hard day’s work or something much more significant for a wealth of entertainment possibilities.

Magnolia Fence and Patio offers stunning designs to take advantage of all the innovative products on the market. We offer poured concrete and stone, travertine and pavers, and a wide variety of wood products. Let our architects show you various sizes, styles, and materials for inspiration.

With the correct planning and homeowner inspiration, even small backyard spaces can become attractive patio designs. Privacy is the first feature to ensure, when in the planning stage. Adding a trellis or privacy wall ensures that even a tiny space has the right comfortable feel.

Magnolia Fence and Patio (817) 995-7467

Create the perfect spot for family and friends by adding a fireplace or fire pit and the proper lighting. Magnolia Fence and Patio architects can install a variety of looks and expressions no matter the space. If you opt for a cozy place to read that favorite book in the mornings or an expansive area to entertain friends, we have the resources to accommodate your wishes.


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