Chain Link Fences

You have seen chain link around for years. Chain link is still one of the most affordable fences around. They are quick to install and require little maintenance. The advantage is that chain link is inexpensive and long-lasting. The expected life of a chain link fence is 50 years. The disadvantage is that there is not as much we can do to make it more aesthetically pleasing, e.g. you can’t stain chain link fence. However, as industry standards have changed, so has chain link. We offer vinyl coated chain link in several different colors. This is a great way to make a simple chain link fence more appealing at your residence or business. Chain link fence comes in almost any size you might need, from typical 4-foot ‘yard fences’ to taller ‘baseball fence’ and more. Chain link fences are dynamic in structure, as you’ve probably seen in the skewed backstop at a softball field. We have installed thousands of feet of chain link for baseball fields, parks, schools, businesses and homes. We can help you with any of your questions you might have, just give us a call.

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