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Residents in Weatherford, Texas, require quality craftsmanship when it comes to their homes and commercial properties. Additions, home improvements, and especially any outdoor fencing and gates must be of the highest caliber.

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Magnolia Fence and Patio in Weatherford

Our company is a highly sought-after construction company in the Dallas/Fort WorthMetroplex. Our reputation of excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship is well known.

Our design and installation teams can recommend several aesthetically pleasing concepts for your review.

Our team can recommend the following materials

Wood Fences in Weatherford
Magnolia Fence and Patios can design and install a variety of efficient and beautiful fences for your property. Wood fencing is easy to repair and can withstand the brutal Texas weather. Magnolia Fence and Patio offers several designs, including privacy, board on board, gothic point, and shadow box.

Wrought Iron Fence Company in Weatherford
Weatherford Homeowners love the distinctive look and strength that comes with our wrought iron fencing. Our company sprays each fence section with a coating that resistsrust and provides a long-lasting, beautiful appearance. We can bend, twist, or press our wrought iron into any shape or design your want.

Our fabrication techniques allow you to pick the exact gauge of steel and shape for your fencing. Advanced powder coating in the Magnoliafacilitiesensures a high-quality product every time.

Chain Link Fence Contractor in Weatherford
Chain link fencing has been surrounding homes and buildings for decades and remains a popular fencing material. Chain link is easy to install on any surface and terrain and requires little maintenance. The expected life of a chain-link fence is well over 50 years.

Not much can be done aesthetically to a chain-link fence; however, our teams can vinyl coat a chain-link in several different colors. We offer different sizes and structures to give your property a dynamic look.

Vinyl Fencing in Weatherford
This fence material offers property owners many great options to personalize their driveways, walkways, and landscapes. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of options and colors to customize your property. Vinyl is a long-lasting, beautiful fencing material that offers the best in property upgrades.

We are pleased to offer another innovative feature in our industry; our quick Quote Request Form. If you have a project in mind and need help, use the form, and enter as much information as possible. Add any sketches or photos you have collected and send them over. Let our design staff go to work and we will be in touch.

Staining, Gates, Repair in Weatherford Texas

No other company in Metroplex offers the custom touches as Magnolia Fence and Patio. Our company designs fencing and gate material that complements any sizehome or commercial building.

Keeping your home and fence looking it’sabsolute best requires regular maintenance and touch-up. Once our team applies the stain, we will come back regularly to keep your fence looking its very best.

Choose from a variety of different stains to match your home’s décor. Our company has years of experience in the installation and application of stain to your fence. You do not have to wait weeks for the stain you want; Our facilities keep the popular fence and staining options on hand.

Gates and Repair
No other component of a fence brings the distinction and privacy as a perfect gate. Our company can offer any gate to match your exact needs. Do you need an automatic or manual gate? Magnolia Fence and Patio has decades of experience designing and installing the right system for your property.

Choose from a driveway, ranch, business gate, or drive-through for the privacy and distinction you need. We can install a solar fencing system in case your property does not have a sufficient power source.

Let Magnolia Fence and Patio design and install the perfect automatic operator for your fence system. We offer various access control operators, including swing gate operators, slide gates, magnetic locks, and walk-through operators.

Magnolia Fence and Patio provides comprehensive support once we have installed your fence and gates. We offer regular maintenance contracts, keypads, and remote control entry systems.

Richard Holliday tells us: “We are very pleased with the custom fence Magnolia Fence & Patio designed and installed. Robert worked with us to find just the right design that worked for our space. The installation crews that performed the work were very courteous and professional. Above all, I appreciated the pride they took in their work, the attention to detail shown, and the clean job site they kept. We will definitely use them again and will not hesitate to refer them to others!”

Magnolia Fence and Patio are proud to be part of the vibrant Weatherford Business and residential community. We have been serving the neighborhoods of Parker County for years. Our patios, decks, and pergolas are known for their unique designs and quality workmanship.

Garden landscapes, hardscapes, and other outdoor living additions can add tremendous value to any home in Weatherford. We have been designing unique landscapes throughout the community, with excellent reviews of our design and installation process.

Weatherford Outdoor Living

A well-laid outdoor living space is essential when starting to design the home of your dreams. Spaces must be comfortable and take in the natural surroundings distinctively. Over the years, outdoor design has come the furthest in innovation. Patios and decks are more than just deck furniture and a free-standing grill.

Our modern deck and patio designs now encompass individualized kitchen appliances or maybe an entire kitchen setup. Magnolia Fence and Patio installation professionals thoroughly evaluate your property, and then the fun part begins. Specialists, with your input, begin laying out the perfect outdoor living space for your property.

Our Favorite Design Ideas

Incorporating technology into your backyard has become one of the most significant design innovations in the modern era. Adding TVs and sound systems brings the indoors to your new space. Thanks to modern electronic technology, flat-screen TVs can be hung anywhere on the deck or patio with limited space needed.

  • Some of the best ways to use innovative television technology are to incorporate them in all the usual spots, like over the fireplace or in pre-designed sporting areas.
  • Architects from Magnolia Fence and Patio are experts in kitchen designs for all types of outdoor living spaces. We can incorporate small refrigerators, cooking countertops, and sinks into a small kitchen space. These outdoor appliances are now much more weather resistant.
  • Depending on the area, Magnolia Fence and Patio Kitchen design experts can install a full kitchen for the ultimate outdoor entertaining. One of our most important design aesthetics is incorporating rustic stone with modern stainless steel kitchen appliances. The dramatic contrast anchors the focal point of your entire outdoor living area.
  • Nothing is more vital to the warmth of entertaining and family gatherings than a well-designed fireplace or fire pit. So many innovative fireplace designs and materials have come to the forefront in recent years. Magnolia Fence and Patio design experts take your wants and needs and turn them into reality.

Deck and Patios in Weatherford Texas

When the original home design is presented, patios and decks are often overlooked. If they are just in the design process, nothing more than an outdoor space is usually created. Magnolia Fence and Patio Architects can give the homeowner many valuable ideas to make the space extraordinary. Outdoor living is now more than just a trend. It is instead a place where we spend the majority of our time.

Deck and Patio Design Elements

  • Our architects first consider the construction materials, and the Weatherford homeowner must do their research before deciding on the material of their choice. We can use various pressure-treated lumber, redwood, and composites.
  • One of the primary focal points should be how the functional areas of the deck or patio are separated. There should be designed areas for entertaining and relaxing, pool tables and sports, TVs and entertainment areas.
  • Add multiple levels and plan your deck and patio around entertaining and relaxing. If multiple levels are incorporated, the flow of movement and the functional living areas will change. This complex design is where all the fun begins.


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