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Magnolia Fence and Patio is the number one rated fence contractor in Westworth Village and surrounding areas. We consider each home and business owner a valued neighbor.

Nothing is more vital to our company than the complete satisfaction of every customer and vendor we come in contact with. Our goal is to give clients the best options for fence designs, gates, and accessories.

If you can dream of the perfect fence or gate, we can produce it, Use our Request an Estimate feature.

After a thorough evaluation of your property, our on-site technicians will offer a fence and gate solution based on terrain and power requirements. These solutions include our massive variety of available materials in wood, metal, chain-link, or vinyl.

Fences Made From Wrought Iron in Westworth Village

A majority of our Westworth Village customers opt for the distinctive flavor of a wrought iron fence and gate. No other material catches the eye of your neighbors than a stately iron gate. Based on our property evaluation, we can offer this material in several configurations and designs.

Our on-site fabrication facilities allow our customers to make varied choices regarding the style of their fence. If you have a design in mind, we can bend, twist, press, or weld our iron into any structure you wish.

Even though most iron fencing is made from a composite or steel, we use the latest advancements to offer you a durable and long-lasting product. We drive the price down for wrought iron to its lowest on the Metroplex with our in-house facilities. No other competitor can compete with Magnolia Fence and Patio.

The benefits of wrought iron fencing are plentiful:

  • Long-Lasting and Durable, wrought iron fencing and gates can last a lifetime if maintained properly.
  • Secure, no other fence material offers the security of a wrought iron fence. Installed properly, your fence can endure the harshest of Texas weather.
  • Classic Appearance and Unobtrusive wrought iron offer homeowners and businesses a classic look that no other material can compete. The open design of wrought iron gives the eye a full view of your property.
  • Landscaping support, wrought iron offers the landscaper a foundation for the rest of the property. Build the fence and design the landscape around it.

Let our designers add a distinctive touch to your fence with powder coating in grey or Charcoal.

Westworth Village Fence and Maintenance

Magnolia Fence and patio is the number one rated contractor in the Metroplex. No other contractor offers the materials, experienced staff, and service department.

Our company provides Westworth Village with any fencing material, from specialty woods to chain-link.

Our staff has unrivaled experience in post and gate repair along with cleaning and staining capabilities. Add a classic stain to your fence, and you will extend the life of your fence by nearly 20 years.

Let Magnolia Fence and Patio add a custom gate to your property. Commercial; fencing and gates provide the ultimate safe and secure environment. We offer a solar panel option for areas without power.

Do not let a simple post problem or gate alignment turn into an ongoing nightmare. We can offer a maintenance contract on any size commercial building. Our agreements can be any length of time, from days to years.

Maintaining your gate and fence adds years of life, plus it keeps your fence looking its absolute best.

Our in-house fabricating facilities can provide the people of Westworth Village with any design or look they can dream of. Years of experience have provided us a solid standing in the community.

The number one goal for Magnolia Fence and Patio is the complete satisfaction for the residents of Westworth Village, Texas. Our staff looks for every opportunity to serve your needs.

Allie loves Magnolia Fence and patio, “Awesome service and high-quality fence! The Magnolia team came out and measured my backyard quickly and began construction work the next week– my fence was done in under 2 days! I was able to work with them to make the project fit my budget by removing/adding features. The fence is beautiful, sturdy, and expertly crafted. I would highly recommend Magnolia Fence and Patio for anyone looking for a fence, big or small.”


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